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Torrey Hills Jogathon
Thank you for a very successful jogathon! It was great to see students, teachers, and parents getting out there to jog and support each other in being healthy! 
We'll be accepting donations until March 22nd, and all funds raised this year will go towards technology and the modernization of common spaces. Click here to donate. Family and friends can make a per lap pledge or a flat donation, and there are a lot of great prizes for the students. 
Prizes are given to the class with the highest $ donation and class with the highest % participation. Here's the leaderboard as of 3/11/17:

Class participation - let's get to 100%
1.       Ms. Harris 70% - amazing!!
2.       Ms. Teisher 61%
3.       Ms. Murphy 52%
4.       Ms. Terry 50%
5.       Ms. Tan-Zamora 47%
6.       Ms. Reade 46%
7.       Ms. Karcsay 45%
8.       Ms. McCarty 44%
9.       Ms. Hoy/DeVico 44%
10.    Ms. Lewis 42%
11.    Ms. McAfee 42%
12.    Mr. Wilken 41%
13.    Ms. Rose 39%
14.    Mr. Honsberger 35%
15.    Ms. Engler 35%

Donations received - we have a new leader and six classes over $1000
1.       Ms. Teisher $1798 - wow!!
2.       Ms. Harris $1430
3.       Ms. Reade $1280
4.       Ms. Huffstutter $1258
5.       Mr. Honsberger $1158
6.       Ms. Murphy $1082
7.       Ms. McAfee $949
8.       Ms. Morey $942
9.       Ms. Lin $748
10.    Ms. Zitko $736
11.    Ms. Meneses $740
12.    Ms. Terry $720
13.    Ms. Michelle Jackson $708
14.    Mr. Wilken $708
15.    Ms. Tan-Zamora $690
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Torrey Hills Annual Scholastic Book Fair

Friday, March 31st – Friday, April 7th

Check out hundreds of book for all ages at our annual Book Fair.

Shop online now at

Volunteers Needed: Sign up now!

Come by the Library March 31st-April 7th. The Book Fair will be open during the following times:

  • Half hour before/after school Friday, March 31st- Friday, April 7th
  • Open House: April 6th from 6:30p – 7:30p
  • During your child’s regularly scheduled library visit. Check with your teacher or room parent for exact date/time.


Carnival Co-Chair needed for 2017/2018 school year:

Do you and your kids love the Carnival each fall? This event is not only a great event for our community, it is an extremely important fundraiser for our school. The PTA is looking for a co-chair for the annual Fall Carnival. We are looking for someone who would be interested in dedicating not only next year but the following school year to this event.  Please contact if you are interested.

Yearbook Parent Volunteer needed:

Do you love looking at our Torrey Hills yearbook each year? Be a part of its creation! The PTA is seeking one or more parent volunteers to be trained. Contact Nancy Ulyett at for more information.

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